Jacky Runice has been a  professional print, online and broadcast journalist and editor (Daily Herald Chicago, CBS Chicago, USAToday.com, Reunions Magazine, Tribune Co., ABC, among others) specializing in separating the riff from the raff, dodging the banal and not merely taking a publicist's word for "how great it all is." It's our view that that's not journalism - it's a cut and paste racket that doesn't serve the reader who wants a meaningful travel experience whether in Detroit or Dusseldorf. Who has the time or money to blow on destinations,  hotels, cruise lines, restaurants, attractions and activities that blow? There's a lot of world out there and we have the wiles to cut through the crap.  


See all those people over there taking a picture on their smartphone of the same windmill in Holland? You won't find Harold in that group because he has already focused on a character or cranny that tells a visual  story through nuance, personality, culture, human connection, color, texture and mood.  Owner of Afterglow Creative Services, photojournalist, videographer, Photography teacher and fine art photographer, Harold captures fractions of moments that can tell universal stories. That, and he doesn't take shit from anyone anymore - which is another reason why you can trust the Wily Tripster.